A new project and too much alone time…

My husband left Thursday afternoon for a two week trip overseas. I’ve been looking forward to a little alone time, but two days into the two weeks has got me thinking I might miss him sooner than I thought.
Over the last ten months, my closest friends have all moved away (as in “out of State”) I’ve never been a big time social butterfly, but since they’ve left I find that making new friends is surprisingly hard.
This time alone might be exactly what I need…..a chance to go out and do something. Alone.

On a lighter note…
I’ve started another stained glass piece.
Thanks to Tristan for giving me permission to use his photo!


3 thoughts on “A new project and too much alone time…

  1. It’s cool to see your inspiration picture for your stained glass sketch. I was wondering how you designed your pieces. I live in the Orlando area and I have trouble meeting people too. It’s a weird place. Looks like I definitely need to check out the Art Center.

    • Thanks for the comment Beth. I don’t really have a technique for making patterns yet. I just sized the photo in photoshop, made it into grayscale and bumped up the contrast so the lines would stand out more.Then I cut and pasted sections into 8×10 pieces so I could print them on my home printer, then taped them together and traced.
      Phew. It sounds super confusing now that I read that back to myself. 🙂
      I see you’re into fibers, I’ve been trying to teach myself to crochet…..I think I might have the basic stitches down, but reading patterns just scares me! You should start a stitch-and-bitch group!

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