Maybe if I act less crazy, the cats will too…

Things I’m missing out on because of my job:

-Balanced meals on weekdays-sleep-social life-exercise-time to pamper myself-reading books-stained glass-my garden is suffering-a love life.

I don’t mean to be miss complainer, but my job is hard. It’s a job meant for a single man. If I were to explain what I do it would “sound” really great, and it is kind of great. It’s just that the downfalls of the job are starting to become landslides.

Oh well, Let’s keep it positive!

I have acquired some fabulous new ornaments for our tree this year….peacocks and dragonflies. AND I’m bringing home two Picasso Poinsettias this week!

Yesterday I hit a huge bump while driving and some boxes of Christmas greens fell over in the truck….right on top of some of my Amaryllis. Oops…I get to take one home now 🙂

Last weekend I took a last minute trip to Canada to see my new niece, Quinn. Since I’ve left Winnipeg, I’ve never had the slightest desire to move back until now. Yup, blame it on the baby. But I’m sure it also has a little something to do with how crazy up and down my life has been this last year. It just feels safe being back home with my family, like sticking your head in the sand.

The baby is beautiful and I admire and look up to my baby sister for having the balls to be a Mother.

Once again, I’m a blond.


One thought on “Maybe if I act less crazy, the cats will too…

  1. Hi Crystal,

    I was browsing the web for unique colored roses & I am ending my search with Your Rainbow Bouquet. What PRECISION!!! You are like some sort of Brilliant Mad Scientist. I am in the planning stages of My Wedding & I’m trying to square as much away as possible. My fiance & would be elated if You’d grow roses similar to those on your flickr page for Our Extra-Special Day. He thinks that they are absolutely phenomenal! Our tentative date is Summer 2010. Please provide the necessary details, should you decide to oblige Us. We cannot wait to hear from You!

    Omiya & Victor

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