The 12 day workweek.

Valentines day is a week away and it can’t come soon enough. Not because I’m a fan of this Hallmark holiday but because I work in the flower industry. This is the second busiest “flower” holiday next to Mother’s day, but you see, Mother’s day is spread out throughout a week or so. Valentine’s day is that ONE DAY. The one day to prove your undying love to someone by getting them overpriced flowers. Because this god forsaken day of love falls on a Monday, we’re forced to “push our petals” all through the weekend. Ugh.

On a lighter and brighter note, a few things happened on Sunday that excited my flora senses!


Sedum morganianum


Sedum morganianum

This Burro’s tail was one of the very first plants that I purchased when I first moved to Orlando. In more than five years this little baby has not flowered ONCE! Wikipedia says that a flowering Burro’s tail is rare or my never happen. On top of that the color and the shape of the little blooms are just scrumptious! I am deeply in love.

The next piece of awesome is this:

Amy Stewart

My favorite author on “all things Horticulture” has a new book coming out! And its all about bugs!

Holy Hell.



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