Current flower crush: Hyacinth

I remember my first day of work at the wholesaler, I brought home all sorts of flowers. My coworkers warned me that the novelty would fade and soon I wouldn’t look twice at what went into the trash. Well its been two years, and even after a grueling holiday (Valentines) and a Facebook status update of: “Roses make me want to smoke crack” I still bring them home.

Hyacinth have an indescribable scent that fill your nostrils before you even walk past them. The colors are vibrant and sexy and they’re short stemmed and look super cute on a table.

I read on Wikipedia that Hyacinths are sometimes associated with rebirth. Makes sense to me. They give me a  spring flower-scent to freshen up any house-spring cleaning kind of feel.

Hmmm…time to clean the house 🙂

Oh, and I left a surprise for my neighbor too!



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