Gummibärs and Such: First installment.

“Gummibärs and Such” is going to be my ongoing list of things I love. Not really “things I love at the moment” but rather things I’ve loved for a looong  time and will love for the rest of my days. These will be in no particular order. Some may have explanations and some may not… you can’t always explain why you love something, can you?


I don’t recall being a big fan of candy when I was young. If there was ever an opportunity, I always sprung for the chocolate. I wasn’t until my husband (then boyfriend) and I traveled to Europe. Our first night was spent in a little farm town somewhere in Germany en-route to a connecting flight. Instead of mints on the pillows, they had little miniature bags of Haribo gummy bears. I tucked them away in my bag and found them three weeks later back in the States. At the time I wasn’t really interested in eating them, but they were just so damn cute I had to snatch them up. When I finally did eat them, they were so good I freaked out a little. I was in Germany! I could have brought some of this gummy gold home with me!! But it was too late now 😦

Lucky for me Walgreen’s carries them and CVS makes a pretty good gummy bear too!


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