On a serious note: Paypal Scam

Last night I was duped. I did however realize I was duped 20 minutes after the fact and instantly canceled my credit card. Phew!

These cocksuckes are pretty tricky though…

Check out this email:

Included in this email was a link to another “Paypal” screen where they asked for you to update your profile information. I wanted to include a picture of the screen, but the link has already been disabled. Name, address, and the credit card on file was what they asked for along with a few other little things. Looking back now I feel really stupid for falling for this, but I was a perfect target this week. In the last few days I’ve had someone try to change the password in my Yahoo account and Google sent me a message that someone logged in to my account from Turkey. WTF?? I don’t use Paypal that often, so I freaked out!

Maybe I’m just getting old…lol.

Be warned!




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