A Sunday to Remember.

Saturday: Wedding set up, free drinks, more drinks on Park Ave, (and here’s the mistake) more drinks at home.

Sunday 7:00 AM: Voy’s alarm goes off for work.

I stumble out of bed to hit the snooze and realize that I need Asprin and H20. I grab the Asprin from the bathroom and go into the kitchen for a glass of water. The only light turned on at this point is the bathroom light that spills into the hallway. On my way back to the bedroom is see something on the ceiling.


I love bugs, but seriously, I almost shit myself.

I screamed and my husband yelled from the bedroom, “Are you ok babe?!!”


“well come back into the bedroom!”

I moved forward to run past and the spider actually jutted forward as if to jump at me.


He peeked out the bedroom door and just said: “WOAH”

My husband is more afraid of spiders than most men and he still came to my rescue! He did go out the back door though and came around to the kitchen from the outside. Haha!

In the end we trapped it in a Tupperware container and set it free outside.

Hungover, sweating, scared to death on a Sunday morning. Yeesh.



At my favorite convienience store…

Me: “Those guys are always there! And they look at me like I’M the one that’s interrupting them!”

Him: “Every time you leave we forget what we were talking about and just talk about how pretty you are.”

🙂 xoxo

On a serious note: Paypal Scam

Last night I was duped. I did however realize I was duped 20 minutes after the fact and instantly canceled my credit card. Phew!

These cocksuckes are pretty tricky though…

Check out this email:

Included in this email was a link to another “Paypal” screen where they asked for you to update your profile information. I wanted to include a picture of the screen, but the link has already been disabled. Name, address, and the credit card on file was what they asked for along with a few other little things. Looking back now I feel really stupid for falling for this, but I was a perfect target this week. In the last few days I’ve had someone try to change the password in my Yahoo account and Google sent me a message that someone logged in to my account from Turkey. WTF?? I don’t use Paypal that often, so I freaked out!

Maybe I’m just getting old…lol.

Be warned!



Be concious, Be carefull.

Thinking about Shannon this evening and hoping he’s ok…..
On my way to meet him yesterday for our Sunday training, he rang to let me know that his radiator had blown and he had pulled over to a nearby auto center. I helped him do a temp repair to get him home and today he sent me a text saying that the “rig job” had worked and we’ll be able to meet up at 6:30 tonight. Yay!
A little later a message was sent from his phone that the hose had blown, splattered his face and neck and that he’s at the ER with his Dad with third degree burns.
I can’t stop thinking about him and I hope he’s ok…. 😦
We’re so much more delicate than we let on to be. We go on, day to day thinking “That could never happen to me” or not really considering the consequences of things. We’re not invincible.
I’m not saying that one should live in fear of everything, but be cautious. Live well. Live long, love and try to have a positive mind.
Someone painted a great scenario for me once….
If you were with a bunch of people at a table and everyone put their problems on that table- after seeing them, you would probably take yours back.
I’m not really sure where I’m going with this mini-rant…but I do send Shannon positive thoughts tonight.