The Next Big Step

Here I am on a Sunday morning, wide awake by 5:30AM. There was a time when I openly said, “The only time you’ll see me up at 5AM is to get on a plane to a tropical destination” For the last four years it has been quite the opposite. 

I live in a tropical destination and I wake every morning at 5 to go to work for a Floral Wholesale company. In about one month everything is going to change. It hasn’t really sunk in yet but the thought of it is occupying my every minute.

We’ve lived in Florida for about eight years now and decided that its time to go home to Canada for a while. It’s really hard to feel happy and sad about something all at the same time, but its how I feel. Confused? Maybe?

So here it is….The beginning of something new. We’re going back to a familiar place as two completely different people, so I would imagine that its going to be a completely different experience….or at least, I hope it will.



Mo-mo Monday

So many things……

Happy belated Canada Day!!!

Even though I spent this years Canada Day in the States, I still represented! Friday at work I sported my “French Canadienne” T-Shirt with two Mounties french kissing and my red and white sneaks. I also made Nanimo Bars that turned out to be a great success!

What better way to celebrate than watching a cheesy white boy rap about Canada!?

Notice that Mr Lahey was in that video?

That brings me to my next piece of excitement….The Trailer Park Boys are coming to Orlando!!!!!!!!!! Plaza Theater, October 23!!! I’m already there.

I finally finished my jellyfish….sweet, sweet jellyfish.


Maybe if I act less crazy, the cats will too…

Things I’m missing out on because of my job:

-Balanced meals on weekdays-sleep-social life-exercise-time to pamper myself-reading books-stained glass-my garden is suffering-a love life.

I don’t mean to be miss complainer, but my job is hard. It’s a job meant for a single man. If I were to explain what I do it would “sound” really great, and it is kind of great. It’s just that the downfalls of the job are starting to become landslides.

Oh well, Let’s keep it positive!

I have acquired some fabulous new ornaments for our tree this year….peacocks and dragonflies. AND I’m bringing home two Picasso Poinsettias this week!

Yesterday I hit a huge bump while driving and some boxes of Christmas greens fell over in the truck….right on top of some of my Amaryllis. Oops…I get to take one home now 🙂

Last weekend I took a last minute trip to Canada to see my new niece, Quinn. Since I’ve left Winnipeg, I’ve never had the slightest desire to move back until now. Yup, blame it on the baby. But I’m sure it also has a little something to do with how crazy up and down my life has been this last year. It just feels safe being back home with my family, like sticking your head in the sand.

The baby is beautiful and I admire and look up to my baby sister for having the balls to be a Mother.

Once again, I’m a blond.