Smokes The Cat

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Our three legged house guest.

Last week one of the kitties at work was shot. With a gun. The Vet said it was no air rifle either….the poor little guys still has fragments of a .22 caliber bullet under his skin. I just don’t understand how someone could be so incredibly cruel to another living being, especially something so small and helpless.
x-ray of broken leg and bullet fragments
It’s a miracle he managed to drag himself back for us to find him after being missing for four days, who knows where it might have happened? It’s even more of a miracle that I work with such caring and selfless people. My Manager at work, without a second thought handed over his credit card and said “Crystal, take him to the Vet. Get him fixed up.” Even after the quote of $800-$1200 he says “We gotta fix him”
Unfortunately the leg could not be saved, it was shattered in multiple places all the way up to his shoulder and the only option would be to amputate. The Vet later told me that it was so bad, during the surgery, the leg just came off in pieces.
I picked him up from the hospital on Thursday and brought him home.
This poor little guy has a lot of new things to get used to….the fact that he has always been an outdoor feral kitty is a big change by itself. Learning to walk (or hop) came to him pretty quickly but he’s still a bit wobbly. Using the litter box is a new thing too. Even though he’s missed a few times, I’d still say he’s a champ for trying.

Now I need ideas for raising money. We’ve put out a collection bucket at work with pictures and a brief paragraph about what happened. A lot of our customers were asking where he’s been and care about him too. I’ve looked into grants and emergency funds to help pay for a bit of the bill, but with the economy the way it is, all of these organizations funds are completely depleted. Any ideas? I even saw a “survival story” contest in an older Cat Fancy magazine with a cash prize, but haven’t been able to find any such contest that’s current.
Well…I’m sure we’ll come through…it’s the future of the assholes that pulled the trigger that I would be worried about.

This kitty would sure appreciate any help he can get.