Bonerjamz 7/31/2011

You should just go ahead and watch this video. Hilarious.



Smokes The Cat

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Gummibärs and Such:Hip Hop Covers.

When it comes to music, ask me what kind I like and I will pause without knowing where to start. A better question would be “What kind of music do you NOT like?”

Easy! Most Country and Heavy/Death Metal. Other than that, I’m pretty open. Of course there is always an exception…

Covers are always a great way to change a song. My favorite covers? Hip Hop covers. 🙂

50 Cent- Window Shopper Vs. Lily Allen – Nan You’re a Window Shopper

T.I. – Whatever You Like Vs. Anya Marina – Whatever You Like

Richard Cheese is the King of covers!

If you ever get the chance to see Richard Cheese, DO IT!