Boner Jamz….branching out the “Dirty”


Here’s a little dose of some real jiggle butts….none of that Miley stuff. Funny how watching those new Miley videos will make me strangely uncomfortable, but this….BEST.
Thank you Simon.


Smokes The Cat

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Gummibärs and Such:Hip Hop Covers.

When it comes to music, ask me what kind I like and I will pause without knowing where to start. A better question would be “What kind of music do you NOT like?”

Easy! Most Country and Heavy/Death Metal. Other than that, I’m pretty open. Of course there is always an exception…

Covers are always a great way to change a song. My favorite covers? Hip Hop covers. 🙂

50 Cent- Window Shopper Vs. Lily Allen – Nan You’re a Window Shopper

T.I. – Whatever You Like Vs. Anya Marina – Whatever You Like

Richard Cheese is the King of covers!

If you ever get the chance to see Richard Cheese, DO IT!